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This is what I've written, will write, and would never had written, had I been given a choice.



A something. Perhaps a nothing. A five minute work, perhaps designed to test my Lovecraftian mettle.


Swedish text, written with all the passion and love my heart has to give. And I'm glad most of you cannot read it, as this text comment here would appear quite morbid in the light of the text... :-D Anyways, the name means 'roses', and Laura from Gaiman's 'American Gods', Dan Simmons in general, and Lovecraft in particular all stand as inspirations to this teenage love homage. Or was that requiem?


A place beyond the sands

Because some evidence is hard to ignore. This is about a boy. A boy who is a place. I'd like to go there, but I haven't worked out how to do that and still remember the way back.


"Begär" is yet another swedish poem, but don't let that get in your way. I'm sure google will translate it for you beautifully. Anyways, this is about desire. And you. But seeing how we parted last time, I have little hope you will ever read it. But that matters little, as long as I will find myself in your warm bed and hesitant embrace again some time. Because that is what this poem is about. At least, that is where it begins...

Begär, pt. 3

For those of you who have already read "Begär", "Begär, pt. 3" will both confirm one stereotype, and break another. For while I do indeed sometimes write poems for, to, and about the girls who I love, or at least who's legs I occasionally have the opportunity to spread, every poem tells the tale of at least three new objects for my infatuation. Or at least my desire. Which is what this poem is all about. But in a vastly different way...

Ditt namn är Felis

"Ditt namn är Felis" (litt. "Your name is Felis") is a short poem inspired by short friends. "Felis" is just like "Feline", only less "line", and more "is"...


Poem in the Swedish language (language spoken by the savage viking people inhabiting the cold and inhospitable lands approximately 4000 miles north of whereever you are on earth. The language is germanic- and latin-based, with small baltic-mongolian influences. Not too many poems are written in Sweden, as we are busy fightning Ice Giants and grumpy gods from the norse pantheon all the time. As such, I am quite the original. As such.). And yes, yes, YES! I admit! I admit it! I did wrote this poem FOR and TO someone. She still speaks to me. Occasionally.

Summer Of Night

A poem inspired by nothing more than myself and the memories of a lost summer. The name is blatantly stolen from Dan Simmons, who just happens to be one of my favourite authors. Whatta coincidence, don't ya think?

Something Good

Poem inspired by Utah Saints' song 'Something Good'.

The Hunter

Another one of those wacko, go-lucky, I'm-really-an-african-in-pale-disguise-tribal-poems. Takes part of it's inspiration from Tribe After Tribe song 'Come to see you fall'.


Swedish poem inspired by Zeppelin song 'Ramble On'.