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A poem inspired by nothing more than myself and the memories of a lost summer. The name is blatantly stolen from Dan Simmons, who just happens to be one of my favourite authors. Whatta coincidence, don't ya think?

Summer Of Night

Down to the riverbed laden with jasmine
Walk in the shattered streams of a silver...
moon and in the brighttime
of the deepest nighttime you
lived but of that night remains only loss

Together we saw them run under the passion sky,
and in your broken eye was a pond of lust but
that kiss has faded the rose that I gave you
I realize it was a poisonous gift

Summer of night
Deeply lost
Summer of night

In a pine tree clearing by reflecting waters we
gave freely of passion and lust I remember
holding you tasting your bloodied lips but since
that last petal fell, you have been lost

Summer of night
Deeply poisonous
Summer of night
Into dewdrop morning

We ran under fire skies gave
it to the summer
Fed the night with the
blaze of our souls and
morning came after months
in darkness
But when it reached me alone
you were gone

Summer of night
By the coral sands of time
Entropy's bed at midnight
Lost in the light of morrow