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Poem inspired by Utah Saints' song 'Something Good'.

Something Good

How do I know I'm on to something good?
When I touch you in all the soft places
And how do I know the metal in your hood
From the flesh and wet and warmth beneath

And even if I long to leap into the sun
I still could never bring the memory of water
And then I would be losing whatever that was good

Now how do I know I'm carrying the real
And the true, the strong and the lasting
For there between thighs in the wetness of night
The cruel and the bleak do the passing

And how do I know I can put it into words
Without the scent of teenage nudity & flesh
And how could I ever be on to something good
When in everything else I would settle for less

And I would yield if I couldn't see the hills
And crumble the moment we loose touch

But my lament will be stronger whenever there's a window
Or a hole, a chasm, a gap
Into where I can put all those words that should
Carry me on and forward and on to something good