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Because some evidence is hard to ignore. This is about a boy. A boy who is a place. I'd like to go there, but I haven't worked out how to do that and still remember the way back.

A place beyond the sands

'I know of a place beyond the sands', he said And then we kissed My love has always been blind And in that moment, taste, touch and hearing Left me deprived and open 'I know of a place where we can lie' But I could not see his tears For all the rain between us And I stood Before I walked away But I had been leaving Ever since I first sat down This is More than anything before The last Before I leave Before I rise Before the rain between us Carve bloody trenches Down my vacant face And then Lightning crashes While memory lies I lie, lie down, and lie With you For you To you In spite of you In clinch with you In lust, with you 'I know of a place beyond this land', I said And then we touched My love has opened it's eyes And in that moment, I was not blinded But bound, longing, and vividly Vividly, lucidly seeing 'I know of a place where we could try' But he could not see my face For all the light above Below And forever, markedly, between