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Another one of those wacko, go-lucky, I'm-really-an-african-in-pale-disguise-tribal-poems. Takes part of it's inspiration from Tribe After Tribe song 'Come to see you fall'.

The Hunter

I am just a hunter Come to kill for food Come to steal your children Come to steal your home I am just a wanderer Come to watch the sunset Come to rest for a while Come to leave by sunrise I am just a runner Come to speed across the plains Come to race your children Come to challenge the wind I am just a sailor Come to gather wood Come to fell your trees Come to sail away I am just a drummer Come to beat the big drum Come to beat a-thunder Come to talk to the earth and storms I am just a dancer Come to dance till morning Come to twist my body Come to move in rhythm I am just a crier Come to sing to clouds Come to talk to ptarmigans Come to send my voice I am just a talker Come to lure your children Come to speak to nothingness Come to break the silence I am just a healer Come to touch the mother Come to heal her wounds Come to gather life I am just a listener Come to hear the animals Come to hear the night Come to listen silently I am just a watcher Come to sit in silence Come to see you fall Come to see you rise