As we walk through the ashes

Remember our names

Age: 17

Played instrument since: 16

Equipment: Guitar, amp, cables, pedal

Influences: Does it really matter?

5 greatest albums: Deep Purple - Machine Head, Deep Purple - In Rock, Deep Purple - Burn, Deep Purple - Hush, Deep Purple - Fireball

Other bands/projects: I like Deep Purple

Previous bands/projects: I kind of like Junkie XL as well, I guess

How would you describe TtA with three words?: This is irrelevant!

Addicted to: Music

Eats: Music

Drinks: Music

Hobbies/interests: Music

Who's the man: Well. The predicted answer would be Ritchie Blackmore, I guess, but just in spite I'll go ahead and say it: Beethoven's the fucking man, EH!

Philosophical self-awareness quote: "Jarkko rolls a D10 against Humour and FAILS (as usual)! Manne rolls a D10 against Off-Topic and gets a Critical Hit (as usual, too)!"

Last mistake ever will be: Standing by a tree on the countryside, waiting for a certain someone who consistently fails to show up, but makes sure to keep me hoping, sending new messengers every day telling me he'll be there tomorrow.

Will be remembered from/by: I would like to hope my mother, father, brother and at least ONE of my friends.

The Ole Myths & Legends:

First and foremost, there seems to be circulating a persistent rumour that I possess even the slightest amount of musical talent. Or for that matter, that I possess any amount of technical skill at playing the guitar.

Secondly, there also persists a most despicable rumour (should it be true) that I, from time to time, also enjoy conversing with the pugnacious and inerudite riffraff that sadly inhabits the countryside.

Suffice to say, neither rumour contains the slightest amount of truth, however hard you look.

Personal Ramblings: See above.

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Through the Ashes may be booked for musical performances at any date, except for where noted in Events above, and at any location, within reasonable distance of Jönköping (and Sweden). Contact us for price, time and practical details at:

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The band gladly plays at any kind of events and locations, except for those based on political and religious creeds that we do not agree with, which includes most.

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