As we walk through the ashes

Remember our names

Age: 20ish

Played instrument since: Three seconds after birth

Equipment: Larynx, tongue, lips, chest, lungs, SM58. And possibly stomach, if you believe the hype.

Influences: Steve Hogarth, Sugababes and the biased perception of morally and legally adherent teenage sexuality

5 greatest albums: King's X - Best Of, Marillion - Seasons End, Pearl Jam - Ten, Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine, Tribe After Tribe - Love Under Will.

Other bands/projects:

Previous bands/projects: Small Gods, Nobility, BlackHeart

How would you describe TtA with three words?: Bashful, joyful bear

Addicted to: Sunrise, that way that you gasp when I push the last inch of skin out of the way with my tongue, and the half-shocked, half-confused faces of the audience when they once again don't quite get what I'm talking about, but still understand enough to be scandalized.

Eats: Feta cheese

Drinks: Your lust like wine

Hobbies/interests: Acting, writing, fighting, singing and the sexuality of myself and others

Who's the man: Anyone but me

Philosophical self-awareness quote: "When in doubt, fuck her in the ass."

Last mistake ever will be: Openly exhibiting and declaring my great dislike of any works of art, literature or media over ten years old at the signing of my first novel.

Will be remembered from/by: One hundred angry fathers of teenage daughters with a newfound interest in exhibitionism, lubricant and butt plugs...

The Ole Myths & Legends:

Is rumored to have an six and a half octive vocal range in bed.

Once ate an entire horse on stage

"T'is not fer nothing we used to call him "stubben" [the wooden stump]" - old friend

Personal Ramblings:

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Through the Ashes may be booked for musical performances at any date, except for where noted in Events above, and at any location, within reasonable distance of Jönköping (and Sweden). Contact us for price, time and practical details at:

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The band gladly plays at any kind of events and locations, except for those based on political and religious creeds that we do not agree with, which includes most.

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