As we walk through the ashes

Remember our names

Age: 20

Played instrument since: Since my first ejaculation

Equipment: Tama Drums, cheapest stick there is. Uhm, sticks. Lots of cymbals.

Influences: Machine Head, Soilwork, Joey Jordison, Tommy Lee, Mercenary, Thomas Haake, and all porn available online.

5 greatest albums: Machine Head - Through the Ashes of Empires, Ranchy - Confusion Bay, Mnemic - The Audio Injected Soul, Mercenary - 11 Dreams, Darkane - Layers of Lies

Other bands/projects:, Screaming Silence,

Previous bands/projects: Graceland

How would you describe TtA with three words?: Three random words

Addicted to: Snooze

Eats: Kchebab

Drinks: Dino's jugoslavian vodka

Hobbies/interests: Music, computers, Catalina

Who's the man: "I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm so bad I should be in detention"

Philosophical self-awareness quote: "Let's get this party started"

Last mistake ever will be: Suicide

Will be remembered from/by: "The perpetually empty state of our liquor storage" - TtA.

The Ole Myths & Legends:

Personal Ramblings:

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Through the Ashes may be booked for musical performances at any date, except for where noted in Events above, and at any location, within reasonable distance of Jönköping (and Sweden). Contact us for price, time and practical details at:

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The band gladly plays at any kind of events and locations, except for those based on political and religious creeds that we do not agree with, which includes most.

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