As we walk through the ashes

Remember our names

Age: A couple of weeks left

Played instrument since: 2004

Equipment: Ibanez SR800, Hartke VX3500

Influences: "The duskfall clad in shadows counting hours..."

5 greatest albums: (Changing with the tide): Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja, Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth, Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane, Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies, Fear Factory - Archetype

Other bands/projects: Kollektivet Förödelsen

Previous bands/projects: The Lightbringer

How would you describe TtA with three words?: "Vuxna män gör saker tillsammans"

Addicted to: "The feeling of wind in my hair as I run up a hill, stumble, and roll down again!"

Eats: Whatever lives on the plate

Drinks: Mineral water & plutonium

Hobbies/interests: Music & videogames occupy my sparetime at present!

Who's the man: My father

Philosophical self-awareness quote: "Shit happens when you party naked!"

Last mistake ever will be: Finally granting Gunde that one secret wish...

Will be remembered from/by: The inhabitants of 5679403969943241496875 star systems.

The Ole Myths & Legends:

He is said to have a 15cm (~6 ") penis when not erected. Rumors also speak of such devastating loaning behaviors, that he has become banned in 5679403969943241496875 star systems.

Personal Ramblings:

"Det sade din mamma ocksŒ!" (really, this can't be translated!.. sorry)

"Make that mil" - Ayjona

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Through the Ashes may be booked for musical performances at any date, except for where noted in Events above, and at any location, within reasonable distance of Jönköping (and Sweden). Contact us for price, time and practical details at:

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The band gladly plays at any kind of events and locations, except for those based on political and religious creeds that we do not agree with, which includes most.

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