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(06-05-09) - New website online
And in the wind, I hear the crows. They will bring the spring, and take the cold away...

At last, and possibly at the very least, the veil of secrecy is lifted, and the new face of is sprung upon the world, no holds barred. This is us, in all our raging, rebellious, swinging-from-the-lampposts-kinda glory.

A few things to bear in mind: the links menu in the middle of the page will eventually be replaced with a fancy flash menu, complete with redundant animations and silly beeping noises that the world will remember long after they've forgotten all about us. Colours and minor layout elements may be replaced, altered and switched around at the whim of our unpredictable webmaster. So be careful where you step, for what was a link to attractive pictures of our bass player a few minutes ago, may now land you in the midst of a nasty cockroach pornography website...

In other news, TtA will soon be featured in a questionable and highly undergroundish teen movie set to be shot somewhere in the far removed woods of Småländska Höglandet, Jönköping. In this movie, we will play an active, but as of yet unrevealed part. Personally, I hope to be asked to reveal as much as possible... [Jonas' note]

An active, but as of yet unrevealed part is what we will also play in a DVD feature of Through the Ashes, an indy project scripted and shot by a couple of friends of ours. This, together with at least one song already recorded and a good set of promo pictures due to be uploaded, means this cranky ole' webpage will soon feature some actual content, instead of just endless pages of our rantings and ramblings...

Enough of me-time and us-time. Browse the new site, peruse the almost infinite amounts of posts in the forums, and be sure to leave yer mark, and opinions about the new website, in the guestbook. Don't let your own idleness turn to ASHES in your mouth!

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