As we walk through the ashes

Remember our names

Age: 17

Played instrument since: The age of 9 or 10 depending on where you should start counting

Equipment: Gosh, I'm not that interested that I keep the label in mind

Influences: Mustis in my (true) heart

5 greatest albums: Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euforic Misanthropia, Rammstein - Mutter, In Flames - Soundtrack to Your Escape, Children of Bodom - Follow the Reaper, System of a Down - Steal This Album!

Other bands/projects: None so far

Previous bands/projects: None so far..

How would you describe TtA with three words?: erm.. hm.. dunno

Addicted to: Life

Eats: Anything with sugar

Drinks: Coke

Hobbies/interests: Tricking, Theater, Music

Who's the man: Who the hell wrote these questions??

Philosophical self-awareness quote: So, I don't have enough personality to write one quote, how the hell will I be able to write two??

Last mistake ever will be: Dying

Will be remembered from/by: At least my parents I hope... (wow, how gothic am I??)

The Ole Myths & Legends:

Some people were talking about me having sex with a 31-year old mother in Germany on a school trip.. I think that's the funniest thing I've heard about me...

Personal Ramblings:

"Hum badum bapa dee da!" *clapp clapp*

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Through the Ashes may be booked for musical performances at any date, except for where noted in Events above, and at any location, within reasonable distance of Jönköping (and Sweden). Contact us for price, time and practical details at:

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The band gladly plays at any kind of events and locations, except for those based on political and religious creeds that we do not agree with, which includes most.

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