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Our current line-up is:

From left to right, cascading:

Fraek: lead and rhythm guitars

Jericho: bass, backing vocals

Ayjona: lead vocals

Younes: lead and rhytm guitars

Jaze: drums


Fain: keyboards


Gunde: Gunde

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The story so far:

Through the Ashes was formed as Light's Bane (from Dissection's "Storm of the Lights Bane") in April 2004, by Jarkko Tauriainen and Johan Ekman (ex. lead vocals). At first, the band was playing death/black metal. The first year of the band's existence was darkened by problems of different kinds, and more visions than actual results. Nothing but the infamous song "B.O.L" remains from this period, hidden somewhere in the dungeon-like home of Jarkko.

After a long struggle, trying to keep the band together, the three remaining members: Jarkko, Johan and Henning (who joined the band sometime in May/June) were really tired of fighting for a band that couldn't create anything else than conflicts, so in the fall of 2004, Light's Bane was put on ice. But the band, obviously, wasn't meant to rest in peace, so the boys soon started to rehearse again, with newfound drummer Steen. The band now changed name, to Betheal Gavarre (from a main character in the Manwha-series "Priest"). But this line-up didn't last long, and soon, the boys were in the same situation as a couple of months earlier. Once again, they stood without guitarist (they still hadn't found a replacement for original guitarist Viktor) and drummer, and things looked really bad. (This was in February/March 2005).

But the boys had decided that, if they had come this far, it would be nothing but foolish to quit. So they searched for new members. And finally, they managed to find new hope, when in May, they found Alexander and Jesper. The band changed name to Through the Ashes (for reasons still unknown to man, even though rumours speak of both Warcraft III and Machine Head). Not even a month after the union, the band entered the studio and recorded the song " If" (now more known as "Breaking all Borders"). The summer came with a soft breeze, school holidays, and the decision to split ways with Johan. (Which marked the real end of the early death/black metal sound, and the beginning of the TtA you can hear today).

Nothing of real interest happened to the band until October, when Ayjona joined it's ranks. After that the band has done two live shows (both in Jönköping), and has just recently recorded a song, called "Blinded by Faith", that's going to be released soon, and that's about where they are today! After a break during the summer, they have started rehearsing again, alongside of writing new material. They are still working with the final mix for "Blinded by Faith", and looking for a second guitarist. It won't be long 'til they'll hit a stage near you, so stay tuned!...

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