Methatron II - The synopsis

The year is AD 2503 and the stage is set to Earth. In the nation we used to acknowledge as the Netherlands, 25 year old student Zachary Barph is struggling to make a living in what, to him and his likes, has become a conventional way - selling his body for experiments in the name of science. On December 23, Zachary attends at the large company Nieuwehemel Transports' test centre for participating in the year's last tests of what they hope will become the first digital transporter ever. We could refer to it as an instrument of teleportation.

However, in space, near planet Saturn, are certain disturbances which cause radio waves to be distorted and Zachary is lost track of as the frequencies of the signal are altered.

But the accident has saved his life, as the disturbances in the vicinity of Saturn would show to be the prelude to a White Hole; the matter spewn out from this vacuum phenomenon destroyed the Earth, the Sun and six more of our planets, throwing Neptune and Pluto out of an orbit that could no longer exist, before rapidly re-contracting and closing. In the meantime, Zachary, who would never know the fate of Earth, awakens in a place unknown to him, which soon enough shows to be the 5 th Commando Division, a military camp for training and education of commando soldiers.

The year is CE 5006; the stage is now set to a planet located in an alternative dimension, in which it is common knowledge, that the number of universes paralell to each other; existing side by side but without any direct possibilities to interact with each other, is four [of which Earth belonged to the last discovered]

Zachary finds himself in a chaotic and violent world, however not entirely different from the environments he was used to. By sheer coincidence and strange events, he meets Cody XCobalt; engineer and a former bounty hunter, wanted in fourteen solar systems in five different sectors of the galaxy; banned from several cities and an unknown number of bars, and on a mission to reclaim his space ship; the Methatron II which he, himself once constructed.

Tybalt Trevors is a veteran from the great war once waged between the two main planets of this solar system; crippled after having lost his arms and legs as the consequence of a grenade attack. At the surgery of the 5 th Commando Division's, he waits to go under the knife for the transplant of new bionic body parts, when the camp is exposed to a sudden attack, to which XCobalt is held partly responsible.

Circumstances and mere accident steers the direction of the further story, in which XCobalt is forced to flee, forcing Zachary and Trevors with him to locate and get back the Methatron II.

Thus, this odd trio infiltrates the scrapyard where Methatron II stands ready to be stripped down to it's last circuit. As they manage to get aboard, XCobalt realizes that something is not quite right and after careful examination of the ship's different sections, they find Iridium; a creature of matter and anti matter; the very essence of the universe, manifested in the shape of an odd looking woman.

Within itself, space is sometimes regarded as endless. The Methatron II is small as it seems, especially for four incompatible characters having to cope with each other at the same time as taking on the multi-faceted challenges of the 2 nd Universe.

And for the rest.. go figure!

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