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2010.02.07 - An 11 pages preview of Genemesis now available for free download as a pdf-file here. Please bear in mind that it's not optimized for web browsing. For best view, either print the document or browse it enlarged to full screen.

2009.10.07 - The gallery is finally back online! Enjoy!

2009.07.01 - Gallery taken down for maintenance and updating. It will be back online no later than in early August. I apologize for the inconvenience.

2008.10.15 - The profiles of Lt. Goettel and Viktor Kazcanek added to the crew section! (and this news page is really starting to look like a Facebook newsfeed! :o )

2008.10.12 - Bogg added to the features section!

2008.10.11 - The new features section added!

2008.10.09 - Ship section updated!

2008.10.04 - After a long time of inactivity methatron2.net is finally back again, and yes, there is a new URL, as the old methatron.com expired, whereafter being nicked by a company trying to sell the domain back to me for an insane amount of money. Very well, the most important news are of course that the Genemesis-album was released in July. Check out the ordering section of the site, for information of how to get your hands on it. Currently there are problems with the ordering form, but I am working on solving the problem.
Unfortunately Crash Course is at this point completely out of print, but check this space for news about the second edition.
Backing up the release of Genemesis, also the gallery and crew sections have been updated with related and relevant images and profiles. More is to come. Enjoy!

2007.05.14 - New section added! Now you can get an overview of the world within which the Methatron II characters travel and exist, and also read the brief historics of the galaxy Ygliz.

2007.05.04 - Following sections updated: The Crew is now completed with images and biographies of the MII crew and some of their cohorts in crime.

The Ship. Now you can see the first published image of the Methatron II itself. Stand by for a detailed map and blue print of the ship!

On the ordering page, you can from this day take a peek at the cover of the Crash Course episode - and yeah, don't forget to pre-order your copy!

2007.04.28 - Server problem occured, leading to the unfortunate erasing of the entire MII-site, which is now -fortunately- up and running through a new server. The propaganda machine may Never Stop 1.1!

2007.04.12 - Newsletter established! More info at the ordering section.

2007.04.11 - The gallery's Crash Course section updated with no less than seven (!) displays of various pages from the comic book; web optimized and without dialogues, but you'll get to see it all when you read the episode! Also now on display, is the first image ever, featuring the entire Methatron II crew!

2007.04.09 - Methatron II Official Website finally online; far from finished, but still online!

However, already now you can read about, and pre-order the pilot, take a peek in the gallery, and by all means, don't forget to sign the guestbook when you're done exploring these pages!

I hope you'll enjoy your stay at the official Methatron II website, and if you do, make sure to visit over and over again, and check out this space for further updates!


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