Methatron II - The Galaxy

Here is where (most) of it all takes place. Gaze through the galaxy and read it's brief history below.

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Here follows a brief overview of the galaxy Ygliz, within which the Methatron adventures take place.

Ygliz is divided into five different sectors, of which four are inhabited. The fifth sector, most commonly referred to as "The Massive", which constitutes the centre of the galaxy, is infected with the incidence of numerous massive black holes and is therefor a sealed off area — enter at your own risk.

There are no exact data revealing any details concerning the age of the Massive, but there are more or less reliable sources indicating the black holes of the massive being at least 10500 million years old, which is half the age of Ygliz itself.

Sector 00001 - The Sudar sector (Inhabited approx. 4000 BCE - 50 CE)

Sudar sector is the oldest of the four founded sectors: Here is where the ancient Sakaz Region once built the first known cluster of civilization, consisting of five solar systems of Sakaz, Sanidaz, Iukidaz, Iridaz and Anidaz, colonized by the people of Sakaz I.

It was the scientists of Sakaz I who first discovered the existance of the Massive, which they called "Ragaz" ("end"), predicting that its black holes in a far future most likely would come to devour the entire galaxy. They referred to a time span of billions of years, but still the rulers of the region felt obliged to start searching for new domains to bring a guarantee for their race to live on for as long as possible. Thus began the planning of a mass evacuation.

An armada of ships; military troops and scout units, were sent in all directions of the galaxy to explore, find and, if necessary conquer, new worlds to inhabit. Many ships did never return, but those which did, years later, brought the pleasing news of discovery: In the outmost arm of the Sudar sector, seven solar systems had been found; each and everyone of them inhabitable and rich in natural resources.

So the populations of the Sakaz systems prepared to depart their old homes. Only the people of Iukidaz changed their minds at the last moment, and remained. They were never heard of again and no sources of history tell of their destiny.

The new sakazian domains was named "Kenaz" ("continuance") and for 4000 years the new civilizations would prosper. But as time passed, the inevitable infection of corruption would start to spread among the rulers of the systems; greed and hunger for more power drove them into conflicts and wars that would disintegrate the bonds between the previous allies, before finally destroying themselves.

Sector 00002 - The Vivi sector (200 BCE - )

Except for the Osort sector, the mining regions of Ygliz, the Vivi sector consists of the youngest civilizations in the galaxy, which at the time of the ancient high cultures of Sakaz (Kenaz) and Uruz were originally brought to their cradles. It is documented that the first inhabitants of the Vivi sector were the descendants of sakazian outcasts; unwanted exiles who, due to unpopular political opinions and tendencies of warmongering, were permanently deported from their home planets. Thus the new born civilizations of the Vivi sector were founded and built by traitors and warlords and had from the very moment they saw daylight every potential to evolve into complete corruption, and so would also have become the case, if the sakazian outcasts had been keeping them by themselves, but in order to raise a functional society they would need other elements than soldiers and politicians, so where should they turn, to find the craftsmen, engineers, scientists, teachers and women required for them to live on, evolve and grow? - Not to where they once came from.

The people of Uruz showed themselves to be diplomatically minded and would agree to assist the men of Adriah with their every need. All they asked for in return, was access to the Adriahic military technology, and aid in case of war, and thus they had an alliance.
- An alliance that none the less turned out as short lived as the Adriahics failed to maintain peace. Never would they attack the intellectually and technologically advanced uruzians, but waged civil wars, which soon enough would divide entire planets. Many fled, and what was meant to become a new prospering world, transformed into a wrecked illusion.

For centuries the people of Adriah lived shattered. Those who refused to stay on the twin planets Adarh I and Adarh II immigrated to the already known, but not yet named, Sevastopol Region (the name adopted from an occurrence in strange dream of an old sakazian writer). The immigrants were almost without exception intellectuals such as scientists, teachers and philosophers, who contributed to make the new homes and communities take shape and develop faster than those of their warmongering neighbours. Still, also the Adriah Region would get back on its titanium feet and 800 years later the ruined cities had grown back, ten times their original size. Cities of smoke, soot and pollution. The wheels of industry, and those of the machinery of war, were turning fast, and it was only a matter of time before the relatively peaceful region of Sevastopol would have to face an invading force, far superior to their own defence...

And history continued to write itself. Still to this day, the Adriah region is dominating the Vivi sector, successful conquerors; responsible for all the common laws of the entire sector. Military service is obligatory for all healthy males age 16-20. Education is optional.

Sector 00003 - The Ermine sector (3500 BCE - 750 CE)

When sakazian explorers reached the Ermine sector in 3500 BCE, they discovered two solar systems containing humanoid life which they called Uruz and Izaz (native names were Harid and Manid) both highly advanced cultures of great scientific progress. The sakazians claimed to be seeking cultural exchange in the name of science and development, but as the people of Uruz were even more indulgent in mysticism, they declined. The people of Izaz would not even grant the sakazian ambassadors an audience with their head council. Thus the sakazians left, never to return. And the uruzians remained isolated, seeking no contact with the outside world.

Of the history of the Uruz region, very little is known before their short alliance with the first outcast colonists of the Vivi sector around the 200th year before the common era; an alliance ending with the uruzian withdrawal, as they found the Adriahic civilizations to be highly unreliable.

No archaeological research teams ever travelled to the Uruz region, as the rumors and superstition of a reign of intellectual degeneration and mental rot are still to this day all too strong.

Sector 00004 - The Osort sector (4558 CE - )

Colonized by the Vivi sector in 4558 CE for its multitude of planets with large metal resources. During a time span of 300 years, close to a thousand different mines were founded of which those of the 3.38,v1.0, 1120.29 and RA-Fl03.04 are the most significant as they provide large quantities of iron- titanium- and palladium ore and also uranium; elements of which all are of great importance for the industries, not least the war industries, of the Vivi sector. In matters of civilization, there are no known natives of the Osort sector, which is populated only by miners and their administrators.


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