Bogg, frequently seen in the capable hands of Cody XCobalt is considered to be the most popular alcoholic drink in the regions of the Vivi Sector as well as in the settlements and mine cities of the Osort Sector. Not that it's the best drink the breweries of these sectors have to offer, but simply because it's easily accessible and a cheap way to get drunk.

Bogg, accidentially invented by the Aerios I born pharmacist Ludweig Grisha in 3894, is a matter of fact a rather foul tasting beverage with tendencies of temporarily knocking out your tastebuds the first time you drink it. If comparing it to any remote equivalents of our own planet, the consistence is similar to that of syrup, however of a slightly darker nuance, and the taste could be described as a mixture between blended whisky, Jägermeister, light beer and mud. But even in spite of this, Bogg is being served everywhere, regardless of whether you're visiting a shabby 3.38.v1.o pub or a fancy cocktail bar in one of the more elegant cities of Aerios I, and people will drink it!

The installation of the new Bogg PR manager in 5003 CE would quickly lead to an almost unlikely increase of the Bogg sale, especially in the Sevastopol region, and the production staff in close cooperation with the PR manager, did not delay with the invention of new Bogg editions: When Bogg Copper and Bogg Silver hit the market, the demand was immense, and since then there's been no stopping to the ever so active, constantly expanding, Bogg machine.


You don't have to actually have read Methatron II to notice the lot of different haircuts, varying in the bizarre, sported by the characters: Only going in here, looking at the images and profiles, is enough to become aware of Zachary Barph's uneven hair, the dead crab resting on XCobalt's head, and what covers the scalps of all the other characters, and believe it or not, but almost all of these haircuts have a reason.

In Genemesis we get to witness how it all happened when Zac (who originally had shoulder long hair) gets his unusual haircut, and in mentioned Genemesis as well as the pilot Crash Course, we see different alterations of the reocurring mohawk; from Irionik's neatly cut streak, to the wildly grown one of Hektor Putz', so let's stop for a moment to get all this explained.

As the influence of the military forces in the Sevastopol region is dominating, it means that every man over the age of 17 (unless physically or mentally disabled) gets drafted for military duty. Army regulations includes proper haircuts, meaning either clean crew cuts or the mohawk compromise, and as it's also very common for the young men to grow older in the army, these haircuts are of course to be seen on older males as well. To put it short: They reveal that the heads they belong to, are or have been in the army.

But how would that then explain the obviously untouched heads of Wilhelm Coil and Konrad Petusky? Simple: These guys are the newest recruits of the 5th Commando Division, who have not yet been dragged off to meet the camp barber!

Examples of army haircuts

Correct. The sides of Lt. Goettel's head have been shaved, leaving a string of hair on the middle of his scalp.

Correct but too long. Hektor is obviously just as lazy as his comrades when it all comes around. Good luck sniping when all that hair falls down to cover your eyes, Hektor!

FAIL! This is not by any means accepted in the army!

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