Methatron II - The crew

Introducing the Methatron II crew and some of their cohorts in crime.
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Crash Course

Code number: Member 1
Name: C. XCobalt
Activity: Pilot, engineering
Main characteristics: A winning Bogg-smirk

Code number: Member 2
Name: Iridium
Activity: Astrogation, missiles
Main characteristics: Matter and anti-matter

Code number: Member 3
Name: T. Trevors
Activity: Tactics, strategy
Main characteristics: An extraordinary brain, but not enough arms and legs

Code number: Member 4
Name: Z. Barph
Activity: Factotum
Main characteristics: You don't want to know - he's a student.

Crash Course participants and guest appearances:

Name: C. XCobalt
Shuttle: Metamorph
Position: Pilot, engineer

Name: Lukas
Shuttle: Metamorph
Position: Navigator, marksman

Name: Pat
Shuttle: Thunderblob
Position: Commander, pilot, navigator, engineer

Name: Irionik
Shuttle: Thunderblob
Position: Marksman

Name: Z. Barph
Shuttle: Thunderblob
Position: Maingun loader

Starring Genemesis:

Name: Z. Barph
Rank: Civilian

Name: Wilhelm Coil
Rank: Private

Name: Johann Merten
Rank: Ensign

Name: Konrad Petusky
Rank: Private

Name: Hektor Putz
Rank: Private

Name: L. T. Goettel
Rank: Liutenant

Name: Viktor Kazcanek
Rank: Civilian

Name: Cody XCobalt
Rank: Civilian


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