The first concept ideas of Methatron II appeared, or should one rather say "occured" in the year of 2004 as the author was reassembling knowledge and theoretical studies of the stellar phenomenon of black holes. These studies gave indirect birth to "The old man and the sky", a written novel dealing with an old astronomer and his young apprentice who through a telescope confront the prelude to the soon demise of their world. This novel could in some ways be pointed at as the prologue of Methatron II as it further inspired to the first manuscript (however not the first in chronological order of episodes). Add to that, the analog and digital tunes of electronic music, and the characters took shape and slowly but safely also, an entire universe...

The pilot

The upcoming first issue of Methatron II, entitled "Crash course" is in no way the first chapter of the MII series, but rather an excerpt from the middle of it all, at a time when the characters are known and used to each other, and have gone through various adventures together, but none the less can it be read and regarded as an independent episode introducing and unleashing the Methatron crew at their most unmasked. The purpose of such an episode was for the author as well as the potential reader to get used to the characters, the story line and the imagery. In "Crash course" we meet Cody XCobalt and Zachary Barph at a bar on the industrialized planet 3.38v1.0 having been dismissed from the ship due to the chemical situation of Iridium, who's currently under the maintainance of Trevors. Due to a minor incident at the bar, XCobalt is unexpectedly reunited with three of his former colleagues and cohorts in crime of the neck breaking shuttle race contest known as the Crash Course. One thing leads to another; XCobalt is determined to race again and soon enough Zachary finds himself as the most unvolunteerily recruited main gun loader of a shuttle himself... Let the race begin! - Things will not turn out the way you think!

The Beginning

In Genemesis, we get to take part of the Methatron story from its very beginning, as told in the synopsis. We meet Zachary Barph on one of his ordinary days and get to follow him to the lab for the experiment that will change his life forever. What's not in the synopsis, I will not reveal to you here, because if I did, there would be no reason for you to actually read the story, however I can hint to you about the in many ways interesting characters whom Zachary meets, whom with merely their presence, enriches the Methatron univese, and add several aspects to the story.

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